What We Do

Our Services Help You Succeed

We set appointments! We develop leads! It's not rocket science, but it does take hard work and perseverance.

We develop a highly targeted list of businesses based on your criteria utilizing the best data vendors in the market.  Our staff of highly trained insurance professionals develops leads including x-dates by line of coverage, current carrier and incumbent agent, employee size etc...

We talk to the decision makers and start that critical new business relationship for you! We are also adept at setting face to face appointments with new prospects. Consider us your marketing arm for new business production.  You will always know that your prospects are being marketed to on a consistent and exclusive basis.  You would have to hire a full time staff with a high payroll burden to get what The Phoenix Group will deliver at a fraction of the cost.

​We work seamlessly with our clients and many opt to provide us with our own email address on their domain.  With today's technology it is now possible to outsource your marketing while getting the results of having a full time person right in your office - without the typical burdens of having in-house employees.

​​Our pricing is competitive and our quality is unsurpassed.  And unlike the other vendors - we offer exclusivity. Check out our Services section to get detailed descriptions of what we do and for whom.  Click Samples to see some sample leads and online data reports.  Heck, click all the links - get to know who you'll be working with and what we can do.