What We Do - Our Services Help You Succeed

P&C Leads (X-dates) - We will develop leads based on your target criteria.  Leads will include x-dates by line, employee size, email address when available and in most cases, carrier and incumbent agent information.

P&C Appointments - We will set up face to face meetings for you and your producers to meet with new business prospects.  We can work from a list of leads that we develop or you can provide us with your own lead lists (must include x-date).

Lists - We can provide the best targeted lists around based on your criteria.  Lists are targeted by employee size, geographic location, SIC Code and can be screened for credit worthiness.

​Complete Database Management - We provide everything from initial target list, to a database of pre-qualified leads, to face to face appointments and one to one email marketing! Want to get to know your marketing rep? Good. We encourage it. In fact, many of our reps participate in producer sales meetings telephonically via Skype or conference call. When you hire The Phoenix Group - your hiring a dedicated support team member for your sales department.

Phoenix Fire! - We will provide EXCLUSIVITY to leads and appointments.  Unlike other prospecting firms, we can work on an exclusive basis.  This is limited to one client per state or county based on SIC codes.  We will work just for you!

​Email Marketing- No, we don't offer mass email (usually viewed as SPAM) like many competitors. Many of our clients actually provide us with an email address on their domain so that we can augment our leads and appointments with personalized email messages. This is called one to one email marketing as opposed to one to many. It's probably not what you are used to - but neither is The Phoenix Group!

​Every good sales or marketing campaign relies on a great list.  Start building yours now.

Click Here to download the SIC Code selector spreadsheet. Choose your codes and email it back to  In the email please indicate your state and counties and an employee range. We'll get a count back to you and you can choose to purchase your list.  We work with Hoovers (a D&B company) so our data is always fresh!